A. Demonstration which time is exponential in mechanics of the fluids. Detail of the text of origin.
B Demonstration on curves defined as impossible to represent arithmetically; generalization of exponential time in science. Example in biology.
C Value of the demonstration: philosophy of the assumption.
D. Logical development and relations between mathematics, physical science or biological and lower philosophy on this page.
E Search of examples and definitions, other pages.
F. Coherence: Paul Janet.
Why a philosophical aspect?
Because mathematics is one of the tools of the thought, therefore of philosophy. For demonstration I quote a part of the text of George Kloti:"modern science was born at the same time from the exploration of the sensitive world by the physical experiment and of the explanation of the physical experiment by the understandable world of mathematics.Thus, in last analysis, it is on the same principles of mathematics, i.e. on the first principles of the logic which all the building of contemporary sciences rests.And we ask try to still abstract which is the first principle of the principles of logic. We will note that it is the identity principle which Leibniz expressed in a simple form: A is A.Before the development of the modern applied science one generally agreed to recognize a distinction between the sensitive world, that of science, and the understandable world that of metaphysics.Why? Because in the first, the scientist judges, reasons starting from significant experiments or checks by significant experiments the validity of its theories and its reasoning.Thus it is perfectly clear that the criterion, i.e. the means of distinguishing truth from the forgery in sciences belongs to the sensitive one, and can belong in a given state of the development of the scientific thought to no other order but to the order of the sensitive one.The starting point and the point of arrival of science cannot be heterogeneous. From this point of view, the metaphysical order is distinct from the significant order, because metaphysics studies to be as being it, the assertion as an assertion.It thus rests on principles obviously understandable, principles of sufficient reason, causality, finality, etc...According to bases' of this structure, it is with philosophy and not with science that the knowledge of the universally valid laws belongs, for any being, of the base of the thought and the action. In other words, it is up to philosophy to decide in last authority on the scientific interpretation of reality.It is not doubtful that in the modern world the field of understandable on which in an uncontested way metaphysics up to one recent time reigned was invaded little by little by mathematics.They are now mathematicians and not metaphysicians who study causality, the determinism, objectivity."Evolution of sciences and initiatory immutability

Why I do not use the algorithms directly although they are much simpler to handle?Because their use did not enter yet manners and moreover some will want to define them using the current system, which is not possible because there are the concept of present or the concept of 0 which would make the thing difficult.
Concept of thing and phenomenon.
Work of P. Janet: "As for science, or with sciences of what does not live division is more delicate.We will say initially that in nature one can distinguish two points of view: or things themselves, or phenomena. Thus a stone is a thing, a metal is a thing; water the air are things, but the sound, the light, heat are only phenomena. So that it have there its, light, heat, is needed that there are sound things, luminous, overheated. Thus the phenomena are not by themselves and suppose things. However they can be observed and studied independently of the things "

Thus we have the things or matter, and the phenomena. The principal difference between the two is that one persists and that the other is an image which appears or disparait. If I continue the reasoning, I can say that time is a phenomenon, and even as it goes us apparaitre or disparaitre according to the things on which it will carry its image.
Experiment I think that one can make an analogy between the evolutions of the physical phenomena and the human experiment.In example: The amphitheatres of the university where I work are heated by blasts air hot. Each time the nonapparent automatisms more or less give heat to the system, it y will have a variation, of exponential type, temperature of the puffed up air. By analogy, each new experiment which will make a human being will be from exponential type. More the man will have experience more it will have had life time. Because time will have been much longer for him with values raised in feeling.In other words, there are two things to deduce some; first is that each restarting is done by a starting acceleration which amplifies the moment in an exponential way. That is to say the one second value at ten seconds is different one second at hundred seconds. For the physical phenomena like it human being. Second is that it is not because the students do not see the automatism that this one does not exist.Moreover, it appears a paradox over time. If I have many experiments, I will have much information to treat in little time. What creates a rich time of a value higher than a rest period (see higher on the page). This rich time will be too short to analyze all information, and thus will give in psychology the inpression to be a short time and thus to miss time.Thus more value, more it we have misses time. In other words of the different experiments with repetitions produce a great wealth of time, but leave us a feeling have missed time, whereas we benefitted fully from time.
Author: ANDRE pierre jocelyn

Hypothesis on time