Statement of the hypothesis

Physical phenomena are apprehended by curves. The physical systems studied are either naturally stable or naturally unstable. Thus the 2 types of reactions can be observed:
a- either the system tends towards a new state of equilibrium, it is naturally stable.
b- or the system tends towards a drift, it is naturally unstable.
Each factor which influences a naturally stable system does it through an integration according to the time factor f(t).Each f(t) integration can be shown by measuring time in an exponential way.Therefore it is possible to identify the number of factors influencing a physical phenomenon.Each factor is identified by a sizeless number named Jo and can be recognized.The law for a factor on a stable physical phenomenon is as follows:Y(t)=k(l-e(-t/jo) )
Y being the value measured, the physical phenomenon under study
K being the equilibrium value (plateau)
T being the time measured
Jo being the value representing the curve
Each factor which makes the system unstable does it up to a limit value.
The law for a factor on an unstable physical phenomenon may be written as follows:Either y = kt
Or y(t) = jo e(-t/jo)+ t-jo
Or y(t) = ke-at
C - General method of application of the hypothesis
To avoid the influence of the other factors and to make up for the errors due to measurement, take two dots on the tangent which has led to the experimental curve yl,y2.Yl =k(l-ee ((-tl/jo) and y2 = k(l-e (-t2/jo)With yl,,, y2,, tll,t2 knownThis leads to k = yl/((l-e (-tl/jo) ) = y2/(l-e (-t2/jo)
Hence the value of jo
A theoretical curve is plotted with k and jo
a- If the curve is identical to the experimental curve, it can be said that a single factor, characterized by jo, influences the curve.
b- If the curve is different, at the first point of divergence of the 2 curves, it is necessary to reproduce the operation including y (t) = k((l-e (-t/jol)) (l-e (-t/jo2)).With k(l-e(-t/jol) value found in a.The operation is repeated as many times as needed to get an experimental curve similar to the theoretical curve.
Thanks to a copy to scale, it is possible to find out if one factor or several play a rôle in the system.
It is possible to design a software which will determine the number and the characteristic ofthe factors involved in the experimental system. Indeed, each action which modifies a system will be spotted by a dimensionless number named jo and will easily be identified in the course of the analysis of other systems.
Andre pierre jocelyn

Hypothesis on time