The measurement of time

Ex nihilo nihil


We can think that the first measurement of time was done in days, then in menstrual cycles female, then in seasons, for arrival in lives of human beings.
The bases reference mark were easy to observe and define.
For the first, the day was armature of a physical phenomenon, masking us the light for several hours. This aspect is our perception of the rotation of the ground on itself under precise geographical conditions.
For the second, the observation of a human body gave to time a longer rate/rhythm.
The third more complex time made it possible to know when it was necessary to be found at a precise place to be able to benefit from the fruits which nature offers to us
The fourth time was illusory because varying almost with each case, there remained nevertheless that which concerned us more. To know how long of life still smiled us
It appears of this reasoning that the man used the means which were put has its provision to measure time. I think that with the technological developments, and the appearance of data processing, we can put another question that: "how to measure time? ", with which tool, but rather " which form has the variation of a life, an event or of a physical phenomenon? ". According to the answer obtained, it is has us to create the tool corresponding to this answer. The principal goal of this page Internet is to present another concept which finds on the site "hypothesis on time".

Evolution of themeasurement of time through ages.

a: The gnomon was before a whole scientific measuring instrument, a tool invented to allow the observation of our environment. This apparatus had a complex characteristic bus alternative with the liking of the seasons; who was developed to obtain the sundial. Beginnings of the geometry in Greece
b: One of the first machine invented by the scientists of the time was the sundial.
c: The sundial had as a disadvantage the imperative presence of the sun. In preoccupations with an improvement human genius developped at the point Clepsydre
e: Never in lack of ideas, the clepsydre moved out of sand glass.
f: The candle could be used for a double use, that to light, but also while being graduated, it could measure time.
g : The mechanical automatisms will induce the clocks with beams.
h: The miniaturization of the parts will produce the spring watches
i: Always in the search of an improvement, the appearance of quartz introduces the measurement of time, on all the supports of the moment, like television, the portable telephones, and other luminous dials placed in the cars.

technique of measure time proposed or application of non unit time.

a: The system suggested loins of the relativity of Einstein in A for base its development in a system which reconnait with each event its own time. The purpose of this system is thus to determine in a system without comparison, therefore without possible relativity. Limits of this measurement retouve thus between two state of balance, and time makes it possible to measure and define the variations between these two states of balance. Of this it appears three fundamental values which will make it possible to identify our position in time
b: The two first of these fundamental values are those of the limits, or the beginning and the end. It should be noted that only one is useful in the study, that of the end, that which represents the state in which this new balance appears. In the preceding pages this value was represented by the letter K In a more practical way this value often represents the quantity of matter which goes given the new state of balance. The other first value is used as a basis, of reference mark, for reasons of facility value 1, is granted to him, but this to represent a little many things because it symbolizes the unit, the state of starting balance.
c: The second of the values is that which will give the form of the variation. The characteristic of this value is that it is characteristic of the action. In other words, if such element produces such particular effect, each time this element is found it produces the same effect. In other words, it will agree possible a number without dimention to each element, and this number will be found each time this element is in quelquesoit presence the quantity of matter. If we have several element or several actions at the time of an event, each action could be separated and identified using this number without dimention. The formula becomes by same the more complex, but remains always analysable about it in a simplified way. This number without dimention being my discovery, I named it "jo"

Particularites of the technique.

The variation or what we name time will be able to be classified or to be defined using distinct characteristics goods
a: Stable or unstable
b: The number of factors
c: The ratio of jo and K which controls the rate of flow. .

Application mathematique and example.

A: Example on a human life.

The basic formula suggested is y = K (1-exp (- t/jo))
This formula represents a footbridge between our current measurement and can be the measuring instruments of tomorrow if I find a partner for manufacture. In example let us take a life expectancy one hundred years, and see what gives the real age using the method suggested. This first approach wants to be another thing only coarse bus in the facts, I could observe that several factors influenced a human life. But this approach of described the principal factor and I think allows the comprehension of my proposal.
The value of K is given by the end of the variation, that is to say hundred.
The value of OJ, which although in reality will depend on the genetics (parents) and from the way of life, will be to 63 �/� of the variation.
This value of sixty three percent of variation, is determined easily in simple physical phenomena, but is completely right only in the cases or one factor influen�e the variation. what is not our case here, since we speak about a human life. Moreover than let us must hang itself, the variation height, catch of poid, comprehension of the language?
Let us take for reference the size, because several agree to think that the whole is dependent. For a person of one meter ninety, sixty three percent give a meter-twenty, cut of a five year old child. Thus value OJ is equal to five (the value on the curve is a little higher than five, for reasons practises, I kept a whole number).
Equation with the dimentions: The dimention of is the same one there as that of K In the formula the value T represents a number without dimention, T is used like representative (You /T), with T = the base of time chosen, and You = the position leaves report/ratio at a base unit time
The age corrected or real for the man becomes Ar = 100 (1 exp (- t/5)) with Ar = real age
What gives that at the end of five years of social age, the child has in the facts sixty three years. He will aurra already last sixty three percent of his existence. I indicate in first this value because it is particular. It represents in each phenomenon studied the bond between the 63�/� of variation and the value of OJ.
1 year from social age, the child is 18 years old
At 3 years of social age, the child is 45 years old
At 7 years of social age, the child is 75 years old
At 10 years of social age, the child is 86 years old
A 14 years of social age, the child is 94 years old
At 20 years of social age, the child is 98 years old
At 30 years of social age, the child is 99,8 years old

These data result from the biggest size of the curve, if we take the other sizes the value of OJ will increase. Always on the same graph if we study the catch of poid, we find 12 for value of OJ, because an adult person of 100 kg will weigh 63kg at twelve years.
This shows that the value of OJ for a life must be elaborate differently.

B: Example on water. .

The goal of this example is to give a general law on the flows, I think that the concept suggested makes it possible to write in a simple way the equation. But front, of the observation, it appears cases to us which are with difficulty currently translated.
The first is the step. The step is a phenomenon which appears at the time of a change of mode (laminar, turbulent)
The second is the swirl, and its speed which seems to us infinite.
The third is the water hammer, this water hammer of which some rather malignant could recover energy to make go up the water of the bottom of the valley on the highest peaks. It was already a first approach of what will be d�vopp� in the continuation of this writing.

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