Time hypothesis

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Do sciences have to have a language adapted to sciences?

I offer to answer this question, yes, because we construct our thoughts with the aid of our brain which uses languages as tools.

Can all sciences have the same language?

I offer to answer this question, no, because the historical analysis proves us with ancient Greece which had took geometry as scientific language that the single language cannot cover all sciences.

Is it possible to create new languages? if yes what would be effects and how to create a new language?

We can try to create a new language by using one of the experimental methods, this act answers three questions. To create this new language, we are going to issue a hypothesis and try to develop a language constructed over. The borders of technology are in logical errors of reason. In exempe the systems which auto-clear themselves, deceiving reason by the same, I think that we can classify algebra in this category.

Basic hypothesis

Every event has its own dimensions

His temporal own dimension of the state of balance of the beginning in the state of balance of the end, his own space dimension, so a hundred-year-old oak does not look at the same distance as an oak of the year.

Research of a domain who would find an utility to have a new language?

Many domains open in mind, however it is one who drew more attention than attracted the others, it is of domain of the audio in the world of the free.

Reason of the choice of the domain of the audio by using experimental method

Of the analysis and the observation of audio formats, we realise that techniques are only noticing movements and then try to imitate them by limiting the weight of the immitation by the use of techniques of compression.
Difference between the man and the animal
The animal imitates, the man creates by modelling.

Our action will here be therefore to give a human dimension to the techniques of the audio

Tools at dispositions

To be able to write the new scientific language devoted to the audio, I choose a simple computer language which is at the same time very powerful coach intervening at a level very low. Language C.
Description of the form of new language
We leave idea that to give more than essentials are incoherent because it would use resources that can be useful in other stains, mislay reason in useless information, and incidentally waste energy unnecessarily. I decide therefore to construct audio format with an identified basic value as significant. Then to give the weakest weight to this basic value, that is a bit.

Observations and analyses of the audio waves

So as to avoid the conditioning of the common language, we consider all ancient beliefs as wrong. And we notice the factors who influence the sounds which we hear.
So as to notice, I have in first created in language c a very simple application which creates audio waves, then I manipulated its audio waves, and I noted all that I could notice.

Of observation, I could note that there were three main factors piloting five effects

These three factors are, the length of variation of every forehead, the variation of pressure of every forehead, the form of every forehead.
Audio language is composed of three basic stocks weighing each one bit
These basic stocks will be every time pointed out just after the announcement of the use of this language.

Description and study of a technology of association of each of basic stocks.

The first of these factors is the time, it is the computer which points out à la carte audio when two other factors change. The second represents the amplitude of the forehead. The third of these factors points out the form of the forehead. Every audio file has its own base of time, pointed out at the beginning. The audio file is not constructed on algebra as it is currently made on all audio formats because it would be too heavy, a sign of disconnectedness, he does not work either in byte because it would also be a form of destructive association. He works in bit, the lowest unit was produced by technology everything or anything current (low position or high position). So value being most often is represented by a bit in high position. As the file gives three stocks, a bit in low position points out that we change value. The distance between every bit augments greatly in every addition of a new bit in high position according to a bit in high position, what implicates big areas of position between which compensate by a complement by leaving again from the base. To point out that commands us in mode complement format use two bit in low position. To point out that value is weaker than basic value format uses three bits in low position. To point out that we are in position fasten format of repetition use four bits in low position. We are in a linked whole, who implicates that what is going to be created leads to the way we create him. (no allowed commercial application) the variation of time depends on passage musical modelled in example on [exp (base)] / base: a bit high position equal once value; two bits high position equal three times value; three bits high position equal seven times value; 4 bits high position equal 14 times value; 5 bits high position equal 30 times value; 6 bits high position equal 67 times value; 7 bits high position equal 157 times value; 8 bits high position equal 373 times value; 9 bits high position equal 900 times value; to get value 930 we go ecrire 9 bits in high position, two bits in low position to say that we are in favour complement and five bits in high position De facto as possible cases are limited for stocks we use a system considering only possible cases and not a system transporting the heaviness of imaginary cases.

Study of the case of value jo who gives the form of variation to the forehead

Observation shows that the variations of pressure in the form of waves become in a middle having its own basic pressure. About this we can say that middle influences action. What is translated in logic by a curl of reaction. Of observation middle is naturally stable, since it goes back to its initial pressure, where from we can create a mathematical language devoted to the audio language based on exponential one amortised. A new form of association, in the form of association devoted to the audio. Two very different forms which become rich.

The truth

Link towards an application which I put online

Creation of a technology adapted to new audio language

Pressures and obligations of new technology

New technology will find its first application in an easy way by being piloted by P.C. via the harbour USB. P.C. is going to put 24 positions in all or anything in length pointed out by the first value pointing length out. These 24 positions will be of use for 16 for maximum and minimal pressures by using D.A.C. home and for 8 through two multiplexers forms of variations. Currently I accomplished 3.02 sous kicad. The dialogue between new technology and P.C. is envisaged by using one 18F4550 under pinguino.


Sciences cannot be approached with a common language, sciences cannot be developed with a technology of ' said modelling or thought' universal, sciences cannot be considered as congealed, they are only the reflexion of the opening of mind from instant and to time or the humanity searches an unique language in the wikipedia, we cannot hope for fundamental discoveries necessary to the good to be and in the comfort of the today's men. Some lines being below are demonstration in my feeling.


All teachers of the secondary who allowed me to learn to teach in opposition to the rentiers who tried to learn me to believe by coming as by knowing about a knowledge absolute. All dealers of the free and more particularly those of Montpel'libre who have a true talent to help to learn to teach.