Lecjo Roadmap

Educational Use

The tutorial explains to the teacher how to use the application so that it is playful and brings to learners the art of tidying up ideas. This aquis is obtained in a traditional way by creating collections.

How to compose music

The tutorial explains how to create its acoustic bricks, and then how to arrange them to compose.

How to listen to music

The tutorial explains how to install and use the Firefox extension named Lecjo.

Firefox Extension

Moving to video

Summer 2010 Abadie Joris talks about using the multidirectional concept on video, with the aim of better understanding the world around us. Because the understanding is built with the help of the tools brought by language. But it will be necessary to wait for the HTML5, so that André Pierre can in 2015 carry out this project.

Creating a new audio format on linux

January 2010, Abadie joris imagines, and conceptualizes, the adaptation of the multidirectional mathematical system, to model music. Summer 2010, Andre pierre jocelyn wrote a bash code, under linux, which reproduces identically the sounds. A code of a few tens of bytes that generates the human voice of several kilobytes.


Origin of the project, 1993, to regulate a navigable canal, André pierre jocelyn creates a multidirectional mathematical system, where each dimension has its own time base. His idea is that what is logical is always what is comprehensible to the understanding.