explanation of the code contained in adn.html

Adn.html sound generator in html


  1. The tool is designed so that composers explore the balances of acoustic dimensions around a sound
  2. We find how to use it in documentation from the left column to: Tutorial to compose music generated in multidirectional with lecjoa.

The code in detail

  1. We indicate that this is a html page and give a title :
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>adn audio format</title>
    <h2>generate sound in multidirectional logic</h2>
  2. We create guides to be able to place the generated videos :
    <div id='basewave1'> </div>
    <div id='basewave2'> </div>
    <div id='basewave3'> </div>
    <div id='basewave4'> </div>
    <div id='basewave5'> </div>
    <div id='basewave6'> </div>
    <div id='basewave7'> </div>
    <div id='basewave8'> </div>
    <div id='basewave9'> </div>
    <div id='basewave10'> </div>
    <div id='basewave11'> </div>
    <div id='basewave12'> </div>
    <div id='basewave13'> </div>
    <div id='basewave14'> </div>
    <div id='basewave15'> </div>
    <div id='basewave16'> </div>