explanation of the code contained in lecjo.html

Explanations of the code contained in lecjo.html

  1. This is an HTML file:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
  2. With a header :
    <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> </head>
  3. And a body that we open with :
  4. We place our benchmarks in order to have a place where to generate the sound files in the page:
    <div id='basewave1'> </div>
    <div id='basewave2'> </div>
    <div id='basewave3'> </div>
    <div id='basewave4'> </div>
    <div id='basewave5'> </div>
    <div id='basewave6'> </div>
    <div id='basewave7'> </div>
    <div id='basewave8'> </div>
    <div id='basewave9'> </div>
    <div id='basewave10'> </div>
    <div id='basewave11'> </div>
  5. We place a file browser to be able to fetch the audio file in audio format abadie.jo on the computer:
    <input id="filejo" type="file" multiple />
    <p>Usage : We must first download a sound file jo audio format, or generate one with the tools provided.<br>
    Then you have to indicate where you placed your audio file on your computer, this act brings up the audio player with the generated audio file.</p><br><br>
  6. We create links to the other possibilities of Lecjoa :
    <a href="lecjoa.html">Drawing its melody with geometric shapes, audio player joa: </a><br><br>
    <a href="lecjoh.html">audio player joh: </a><br><br>
    <a href="https://www.letime.net/lecjo/banque.html">Download sound file jo audio format: </a><br><br>
    <a href="multidirectional-talk.html">multidirectional talk generator: </a><br><br>
    <a href="work-document/usage_en.html">How to : usage multidirectional talk generator: </a><br><br>
    <a href="son_en.html">acoustic design</a><br><br>
    <a href="example.html">multidirectional talk example: </a><br><br>
    <a href="adn.html">Imagine melody with dimensions, DNA audio format: </a><br><br>
    <a href="work-document/code_jom_js.html">multidirectional talk code jom.js for the generated video: </a><br><br>
    <a href="work-document/tab_js.html">multidirectional talk code tab.js for the generated video: </a><br><br>
    <a href="work-document/adapt_js.html">multidirectional talk code adapt.js for the generated video: </a><br><br>
    <a href="work-document/conference_LAC2017.html">french tutorial for multidirectional: </a><br><br>
    <a href="PianoBaul.html">PianoBaul </a><br><br>
  7. We indicate where the javascript files are :
    <script type="text/javascript" src="page-scripts/adaptateur.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="page-scripts/table.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="page-scripts/convertit.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="page-scripts/jo.js"></script>
  8. We indicate the support mail and close the HTML page :
    <a href="mailto:pierre.joc.andre@gmail.com">Contact and Support: Joris Abadie</a>