how to use the teaching extension to learn to learn

Simplified method

Learning Tutorial

With a text editor, write to a file named e.js, the acoustic bricks.

The number of acoustic bricks is indicated by the teacher and must be of form :

var don = { 1: m4, 2: m7, 3: m7 }

In the example the number of bricks is 3, and the learner has decided to play twice the sound m7

To play the sound of the acoustic brick suite, click on example1.html

Teaching Tutorial

  1. - Install the application, by clicking in the left column on: Get Lecjo
  2. - Create a directory (a folder), in which the learner will compose
  3. - Download the files, by clicking in the left column on: Download Lecjo
  4. - Unzipped the downloaded directory and retrieve the file example1.html, adn1.js, and several acoustic bricks (in the example directory) that we put in the working directory.
  5. - Also collect other acoustic bricks in the documentation, then make a list of acoustic bricks, respecting that each has a different name
  6. - In the working directory, place the example1.html file, and then with the text editor place
    <script type="text/javascript" src="adn1.js"></script>
    The two lines
    <script type="text/javascript" src="a.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="e.js"></script>
  7. - In the working directory, place the file adn1.js, and then with the text editor delete everything that is before
    var total
  8. - With the text editor, create a file named a.js, in which you must place all acoustic bricks
  9. - Depending on the audience, it is necessary to choose a number of acoustic bricks, in the file a.js, it is necessary to enter the last value of each brick this number. Then always with the text editor it is necessary to go to modify the loops of the for with this number plus 1, then this number
    As an example for three bricks it is necessary to write :
    for(var uiu= 1; uiu < 4; uiu++)
    total[uiu -1] = "don"+[uiu]+"n";
    total1[uiu -1]=don[uiu];
    for(var ui= 0; ui < 3; ui++){

Intermediate method

The learner creates its number of acoustic bricks

Professional method

The learner creates his own acoustic bricks, the teacher having provided the manipulation of the acoustic bricks found in the documentation